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Our STRATUM™ alfalfa coating process provides layers of protection separating the inoculant from the seed treatment.
Alfalfa Seed Coating
Revolution MD – With maximum digestibility and RFQ (Relative Forage Quality), Revolution MD has exceptional forage quality. Download Spec Sheet
Sidewinder – Creeping root alfalfa selected for high forage yield with excellent winter hardiness and persistence. For more information see the Download Spec Sheet
Perfection – the latest advance in Stand Fast technology. Selected for high forage DM and NDF levels. Download Spec Sheet
AAC Meadowview – An acid tolerant variety suited for the foothills of AB or the Peace region of AB and BC. Download Spec Sheet
Robust – high performance synthetic multi-foliate variety. Download Spec Sheet
Rugged ST – A tough and hardy variety with deep-set crowns that is able to tolerate a variety of conditions, including increased salinity.
TH2 – A winter-hardy multifoliate that is a strong performer that consistently delivers very high yields and exceptional quality. Download Spec Sheet
Response WT – Performs well on medium to heavy soils. This branch rooted variety can be seeded under irrigation as well as dryland conditions. Download Spec Sheet
Runner – A winter hardy and drought tolerant creeping rooted alfalfa that performs under most of the conditions Western Canada has to offer. Download Spec Sheet
Alfalfa Blend 10-5 – Contains Robust and Sidewinder alfalfas, as well as Response, Rugged, and Haygrazer alfalfas. Download Spec Sheet
Ultimate Dryland Blend – certified blend of Runner and Robust alfalfa for dryland producers.
Haygrazer – Branch root with a sunken crown stands up to grazing and traffic.

Legume Seed

AAC Mountainview Sainfoin – This new sainfoin variety was developed by Surya Acharya, Agriculture Canada, providing improved winter hardiness and rapid re-growth. Download Spec Sheet
Alfalfa Hay & Pasture Long Good 200,000 Spring-Fall Tap,Branch,Creeping Rooted
Alsike Clover Hay & Pasture Short Fair 700,000 Spring-Fall Branched
Birdsfoot Trefoil Pasture Short Good 375,000 Spring-Fall Tap Rooted with Branches
Cicer Milkvetch Pasture Long Good 130,000 Late Spring-Fall Creeping Rooted
Red Clover Hay & Pasture Short Poor 275,000 Spring Tap Rooted with Side Branches
Sainfoin Pasture Long Fair 32,000 (Dehulled) Spring-Summer Tap Rooted
Sweet Clover Hay & Silage 2 Years Fair 260,000 Spring of 2nd Year Tap Rooted
White Clover Pasture Short to Long Good 800,000 Spring-Fall Rhizomatous

Grass Seed

NEW SOFT BRAND TALL WHEATGRASS – Soft Brand Tall Wheatgrass is well positioned for high salinity areas to promote forage growth while enhancing the relative feed quality of the forage grown. It provides improved palatability, with increased initial plant vigor to assist in stand establishment.
AAC Maximus Meadow Bromegrass – The goal in the breeding of AAC Maximus was to provide a new variety with improved yield over Fleet Meadow Bromegrass. After 32 site years of testing side by side across 11 locations in Western Canada, AAC Maximus had an average yield of 103% of Fleet. Download Spec Sheet
Cache Brand Meadow Bromegrass – More upright growth, improved quality, and performance that is suitable in hay and pasture blends. Download Spec Sheet
Carlton Smooth Bromegrass – A widely adaptable sod-forming bromegrass that includes a moderate saline tolerance.
AC Knowles Hybrid BromegrassDownload Spec Sheet
Courtenay Tall Fescue – This variety was selected for high yield, quality and improved winter survival. With large, high quality basal leaves and flood and saline tolerance, Courtenay is an ideal component in seed mixtures. Download Spec Sheet

Early Arctic Orchard Grass – An exceptional orchard grass that demonstrates above average hardiness. Early Arctic has strong winter survival and is an excellent companion when blended with alfalfa, and performs well in pasture or hay production. Download Spec Sheet
Preval Meadow Fescue – Tolerates wet soils, and withstands close grazing.
Nabucco Italian Ryegrass – A tetraploid variety that delivers improved quality over standard Annual ryegrass. Nabucco offers quick regrowth, excellent palatability, digestibility, high energy/feed quality and very high sugar content. Download Spec Sheet
Elunaria Annual Ryegrass – A Westerworld type annual grass suitable for hay, haylage or pasture. Elunaria offers a high yield opportunity with very good quality broad leaves. Download Spec Sheet
Express Timothy – A recommended component in most hay and pasture blends, Express has excellent winter survivability, medium maturity, great regrowth and leafiness for domestic hay production. Download Spec Sheet
Novio Timothy – Export quality with medium maturity and large, soft leaves.

Altai Wild Ryegrass Pature Long Excellent 60,000 Early Spring/Mid-Summer Bunch Grass
Annual (Italian Ryegrass) Hay & Pasture Short annual 1 year Poor 230,000 Spring/Fall Bunch Grass
Creeping Foxtail Pature Long Good 750,000 Early Spring/Fall Sod Forming
Creeping Red Fescue Pasture & Lawn Long Excellent 615,000 Spring/Fall Sod Forming
Crested Wheatgrass Pasture & Hay Long Excellent 175,000 Early Spring Bunch Grass
Dahurian Wild Ryegrass Pasture Short Good 80,000 Spring/Fall Shallow Rooted Bunch Grass
Intermediate Wheatgrass Hay & Pasture Medium Good 88,000 Late Spring/Mid-Summer Sod Forming
Kentucky Bluegrass Pasture & Lawn Long Excellent 2,180,000 Spring/Fall Sod Forming
Meadow Bromegrass Hay & Pasture Long Good 80,000 Early Spring/Late Summer Bunch Grass
Meadow Fescue Pasture Short-Medium Good 230,000 Earky Spring/Late Fall Bunch Grass
Meadow Foxtail Pasture Long Good 575,000 Earky Spring/Fall Bunch Grass
Orchard Grass Hay & Pasture Short Fair 650,000 Spring/Fall Bunch Grass
Perennial Ryegrass Hay & Pasture Short 2-3 Years Poor 330,000 Spring/Fall Bunch Grass
Pubescent Wheatgrass Hay & Pasture Medium Good 100,000 Early Spring/Mid-Summer Sod Forming
Russian Wild Ryegrass Pasture Long Excellent 175,000 Early Spring/Mid-Summer Bunch Grass
Smooth Bromegrass Hay & Pasture Long Excellent 136,000 Mid-Spring/Mid-Summer Sod Forming
Tall Fescue Pasture Medium Good 225,000 Late Spring/Fall Bunch Grass
Tall Wheatgrass Hay & Pasture Long Excellent 79,000 Late Spring/Mid-Summer Bunch Grass
Timothy Hay & Pasture Medium Good 1,230,000 Spring/Summer Bunch Grass


NEW Equine Pasture Max – An all grass blend for horse owners providing a palatable grazing option from spring to late fall. This blend can also be used as baled forage to provide a nutritious feed source for all classes of horses.
• 40% AAC Maximus Meadow Bromegrass
• 20% Early Arctic Orchardgrass
• 10% Preval Meadow Fescue
• 10% Tetrasweet Perennial Ryegrass
• 10% Boreal Creeping Red Fescue
• 10% Express Timothy
Dual Max – High-quality grasses that have very good regrowth habits. This blend will offer excellent grazing potential and is suited to most grazing systems. Prefers medium to heavy soils.
• 50% Fleet Meadow Bromegrass
• 25% Carlton Smooth Bromegrass
• 20% High Arctic Brand Orchardgrass
• 5% Alfalfa Blend 10-5
Dryland Dual Max – Dryland pasture production. Meadow Bromegrass offers a long grazing season with very good quality and regrowth. Crested Wheatgrass, excellent early season growth.
• 65% Fleet Meadow Bromegrass
• 15% Kirk Crested Wheatgrass
• 15% Pubescent Wheatgrass
• 5% Runner Alfalfa
Bloat Free Max – Cicer Milkvetch is a hardy non-bloat legume. Fleet Meadowbrome and Courtenay Tall Fescue are very adaptable grasses.
• 40% Fleet Meadow Bromegrass
• 25% AAC Mountainview Sanfoin
• 25% Cicer Milkvetch
• 10% Courtenay Tall Fescue

Saline Pasture Max – High quality all grass blend, no concerns with bloat. Widely adapted blend to various soil types and moisture conditions.
• 30% Courtenay Tall Fescue
• 30% Carlton Smooth Bromegrass
• 20% Slender Wheatgrass
• 20% Dahurian Wildrye
Western Grass Max – High quality all grass blend. If properly managed can be a very productive pasture blend. No concerns with bloat.
• 45% Fleet Meadow Bromegrass
• 25% High Arctic Brand Orchardgrass
• 15% Courtenay Tall Fescue
• 10% Express Timothy
• 5% Creeping Red Fescue
Ultimate Pasture Blend – The ultimate legume grazing blend, will provide 70/30 alfalfa/sainfoin plant population in the field.
• 70% AAC Mountainview Sainfoin
• 30% Haygrazer Alfalfa

In addition to Northstar Seed’s excellent standard forage and grass seed blends, Northstar will custom blend seed to your specific requirements. Ask for details today! Download the Max Seed Blends PDF


Rancher’s Hay Max – Adaptability. A very good blend that will deliver high yield potential under good fertility and moisture conditions.
• 40% Fleet Meadow Bromegrass
• 30% Carlton Smooth Bromegrass
• 30% Ranchers Choice Brand Alfalfa
Maxi – High production blend for producers wanting a high-performance alfalfa with timothy. Express Timothy has excellent tolerance to low lying areas, to increase production.
• 90% Alfalfa Blend 10-5
• 10% Express Timothy
Premium Hay Max – A very hardy mixture that includes Express Timothy, our high-quality leafy timothy, and Alfalfa Blend 10-5, our best alfalfa blend. This blend delivers a multiple-cut hay stand under good management and soil conditions.
• 65% Alfalfa Blend 10-5
• 30% Fleet Meadow Bromegrass
• 5% Express Timothy

IMPROVED Saline Hay Max – Suited for productive soils that are demonstrating early signs of salt stress. Has tolerance to increased salinity levels. The addition of Soft Brand Tall Wheatgrass will provide higher saline tolerance and improved palatability.
• 40% Courtenay Tall Fescue
• 30% Rugged ST Alfalfa
• 20% Carlton Smooth Bromegrass
• 10% Soft Brand Tall Wheatgrass
Lowland Max – Ideally used in areas of poor drainage for hay or pasture.
• 50% Courtenay Tall Fescue
• 30% Marathon Reed Canary Grass
• 20% Express Timothy

In addition to Northstar Seed’s excellent standard forage and grass seed blends, Northstar will custom blend seed to your specific requirements. Ask for details today! Download the Hay Blends PDF