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As every producer has unique land and production goals, Northstar Seed has a dedicated team of forage seed specialists to help guide you to get the most out of your forage acres. This combined with a very broad line up of high yielding forage legumes and grasses, allows Northstar Seed to provide you with the best possible forage solutions for your operation.

What's New

NEW Revolution MD alfalfa

With high leafy expression and RFQ (Relative Forage Quality), Revolution MD is ideal for producers requiring increased forage digestibility to maximize dairy production and beef yields. For more information see the technical sheet.

NEW Sidewinder Creeping Root alfalfa

Selected for high forage yield with excellent winter hardiness and persistence. For more information see the technical sheet.


Northstar Seed is continuing to expand its presence in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and B.C. If you are have a passion for forage, turf or native seed, speak to one of our sales agronomists about the possibility of becoming a dealer. 1-800-430-5955


Forages, Cover Crops, Native Seed, Other


High performance alfalfas, legumes, grasses and Max Seed Blends, for all soil types and uses

Cover Crops

Annual legumes, radish, brassicas, grasses and blends for grazing, n-fixing and soil improvement

Native Seed

Extensive list of Western Canadian native legumes and grasses


Lawn and Turf, Rainier wood fiber mulch and tacifier, and LEGEND corn

Seed Guide

Download Northstar's Full Seed Guide For More Info