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Pollination On Wild Blueberries, Cranberries And Other Fruits

If you are having difficulties obtaining good pollination, Northstar has the pollinators for you! Leafcutter Bees!

These small, non-aggressive, solitary pollinators require a unique yet manageable approach to complete pollination. Leafcutter bee larvae can be stored easily using existing cold storage rooms that can be heated for incubation. Their life cycle is very different than honeybees and as such are not affected by most mites and diseases that inflict honeybees. The larvae are incubated on a schedule to coincide with the initial bloom of the crop. Adult leafcutter bees emerge, start pollinating in close relations to their nests and busy themselves with reproduction. Their adult cycle ends after 6 weeks. The larval cells that are produced are kept in cool storage until the following year when the cycle is repeated.

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